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Sales Quote and Sales Order API v2 Ship-to Code

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Hi All,

Just want to check I'm not mad and they really do have this limitation.

In the Business Central API v2  the Customer, SalesQuote and SalesOrder really do not have the concept of a Ship-to Address.

On the customer there doesn't appear to be navigation to the Ship-To address entities. Which is fine as I extended and added my own - more clear way. Flattening the hierarchy and combining customer record address with ship-to addresses for ease.

However, I'd love to leverage the standard API's but for inserting new records, but it appears other than entering a custom address there is no option outside the default address. You cannot simply specific a ship-to code and then have the system populate these fields.

Is this everyone's understanding and is the best practice work around to just take the data from the ship-to address and populate as a custom address?

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    RE: Sales Quote and Sales Order API v2 Ship-to Code

    Something to try out would be the api setup page. In there you can set conditions for when a template can be used. It could be a lot of setup, depending on your data, to ensure an override takes place. Not 100% on whether this is approach is within its remit. It would make sense it would be given api’s can be used for integration and you need a way to fill in blanks or replace dud data

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    RE: Sales Quote and Sales Order API v2 Ship-to Code

    What you have described is the current landscape. Is it the best practice? I’m not sure it is. It will hamper reporting as you can’t state shipments per ship to location if you have one. Or the fact it has the location code and you might differ where you ship from depending on where you ship to. I would log an idea on the D365 ideas site because ultimately the current method isn’t best practice

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