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Lesson learnt : GP data is case sensitive.. Lower case data integrated to GP caused issue.

Posted on by Microsoft Employee

Hi all,

          I would like to share my recent experience (nightmare) with GP. My requirement is to do a integration program - it has to import data from excel into GP 10.0 & create PO Receipts with Lot numbers. Integration is done using eConnectProgram was implemented successfully, testing done and everything working fine until a  day when user told that me that Item Stock Inquiry shows negative quantities for some of the items. ( I was really worried on how to fix this Inventory, I hardly slept that night.)

         I was checking every possible reason for a negative inventory like back dated entry/override quantity etc and it continued for  a couple of days, while checking suddenly at 2:30 AM, (the enlightenment moment !!) my instinct told me to  I verified all the integrated data. There I found for few transactions, user had entered the Site ID in smaller case which GP didn't recognize, Eg: User enter Site ID as "warehouse" instead of "WAREHOUSE" in the Excel sheet. After integration is done, GP didn't include the quantities of Site ID: "warehouse" for the Total stock calculation of a Site ID: "WAREHOUSE". When we manually entered Site ID in GP, it always shows in Caps , so there is no chance of making a mistake during manual entry.

          To correct the negative quantities , I updated the Site ID to Upper case in related tables and ran inventory reconcile. That solved my issue!

P.S : Always follow the correct case (Upper case/Lower case) for each field to be same as that of GP while doing a data import using a Custom program.

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    sandipdjadhav Profile Picture
    sandipdjadhav 18,252 on at
    RE: Lesson learnt : GP data is case sensitive.. Lower case data integrated to GP caused issue.

    Hi Siva,

    in Integration Manager you have option to make Upper Case even to in your excel file is in Lowercase.

    Select field and on left side Properties --> Case Conversation.--> Change it Upper Case it will ignore your excel LowerCase character.

    Thanks much

    Sandip Jadhav

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