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App Server - Business Date Didn't Change

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We ran into an issue last week where we found orders that had a created date of 10/1/2013 but had an invoice date of 9/30/2013. This has hosed up our numbers for the end of month in terms of viewing accurate information on our reports.

Our environment:

Process Manager Server - Date of 10/1/2013

Application Server 1 (Runs Sales Journal/Shows Invoice Date) - 9/29/2013

Application Server 2 (Prints Pick Sheets) - Date of 10/1/2013

(As a secondary issue, our Application Server accounts are set up to retain 30-60 days worth of logs, however they aren't doing this. Every night at 12am it is resetting. This makes it very frustrating to track back any issues since the logs no longer exist. Is there a fix for this...?)

At the top of the Application Server window, I can see a line like this:

10/8/2013  12:00:03 AM  ACCTAPPSERVER1 ===> Business Date Changed to 10/8/2013

Right under this, I'm getting the message that the log files have exceeded the maximum setting (which is not surprising). Is it normal that in this situation it no longer retains any history? I'm unsure how it can exceed log data if I can't see anything back past 12:00:00 AM this morning. This wasn't an issue prior to our SL 2011 upgrade.

Is there any other way (other than the log files) to track back to last week/weekend to see when exactly the business date was changed? We need to know why this happened.

Also, with the dates that were incorrect and invoicing prior to orders even being placed, is there any way to 'fix' these so that the numbers display correctly for our reports?


-Jenny Waller

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    RE: App Server - Business Date Didn't Change

    In further digging today, it appears that I was on the right track, but wasn't quite there. In case anyone else comes across a similar issue, I will explain what we found:

    1. The issue with the business date surfaced when our end of month reports didn't seem to be matching up according to the invoice date. Our theory was that the App Server was not updating the business date. We determined this morning that this was not the case.

    2. We have a customized screen that was written for us that allows our warehouse workers to scan in an order, print a shipping label, and then it prints a packing slip/invoice. What we discovered was users on the warehouse line were not logging out or closing SL each night as they should. Therefore, the business date wasn't changing. The invoice dates were being populated erroneously with the incorrect date that was from a prior session.

    3. Most noticably, this affected our month end reports. Sales Journal was picking up the correct transactions on the correct date, but when querying the soshipheader table by invoice date, we were finding several shipregisterid's that didn't make sense. Looking further, we were able to trace back to the soevent table to find the true date the events were happening and the userid's of who was processing.

    At this point, we will be looking to change invoice dates in the soshipheader table to the true and appropriate date for the year of 2013. The invoice date is used on several of our reports and skewed a lot of our numbers when grouping by it.

    At this point, we are discussing doing an auto reboot of the warehouse machines each night so this will not be a further issue.

    In another post, I saw that someone had mentioned creating a custom pop up box that would show if the business date in SL didn't match the date on the computer. I will be replying to that post to see what was done and then we will discuss if this would be a better solution than the auto-reboots.

    I hope that this may help someone in the future, should they come across a similar issue.

    No further assistance needed at this time unless someone has an easy query to use to change an invoice date! ;-) We'll be working on that part today.



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