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Customer/Item statistics based on receiver of the items

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we have following topic. 

We have customers which have several subsidiaries. Therefore we create 1 customer for each subsidiary. In the subsidiaries we fill in the customer no. of the parent company in the field "Bill-to Customer".
Each sales order is created for the subsidiary. 

Now we want to track how many items and how much income we created for each subsidiary. But the value entries only include the source no. of the parent company. The standard customer/item statistic reports does not show the name of the subsidiaries. 

Does anybody know how we can achieve this. We need this also for all saled items in the past. 

Any hint is helpful.

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    RE: Customer/Item statistics based on receiver of the items


    I tried some built in report and seems like when you select Bill-To it does not produce the report (at leas in my environment). One method is to create filter for all subsidiary then add them to Customer/Item Statistics and select Print in Excel and do some manual task after that (use vlookup from account no to find the name, etc)

    Other possible methods are

    1) User Power BI Desktop. Then publish Posted Sales Invoice and then link entries to invoice and from invoice determine the Bill-To customer and create a report. 

    2) You can try to use ODATA and Excel. Publish Posted Sales Invoice and Value in Web Service then go to Excel and use this method to access ODATA. Then user Power Query to built the report.  or

    3) Custom Report is another option but you need to work with your partner and developer. They can use current customer/item statistic and modify it to add a missing data. This way you can run it in BC. 

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