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Inventory Periods - not possibile to close

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 Hi All
I've an issue with the /inventory periods/.
I cannot close an inventory period because during the /close inventory period - test/ procedure, the system find a missing production order in year 2022 (seems impossibile but that's it).
our local Business central business parter is unable to fix it and leave me alone with this issue.
Is there some that has a suggerstion how to solve it?
Thanks in advance for anyone that can help
  • Abhijith Nair Profile Picture
    Abhijith Nair 17 on at
    Inventory Periods - not possibile to close
    May be check those item ledger entries for the year , amend changes to Cost is adjusted form no to yest and then run the test report.
    Perform this in actual copy of live environment (UAT or TEST) before making changes in PROD.
  • CR-29051232-0 Profile Picture
    CR-29051232-0 4 on at
    Inventory Periods - not possibile to close
    it's an internal production order as we use to do every day.
    The production order it has been normaly executed and it's unbelivable that is missing bacuse the output of the production appears perfectly in our warehouse.
    The main issue is that the missing production order is in 2022, so after about two years of work.
    Maybe who was before me has not managed the "inventory period closing process" so today I remain with this pending matter.
    I tried to create a new productions order but the problem is that the issue is located in 2022, about two years ago.
    The new production order created anyway received the updated No.Serie.
    I try now to suggest your solution to our IT consultant and let's see... thanks
  • KasparsSemjonovs Profile Picture
    KasparsSemjonovs 3,276 Super User on at
    Inventory Periods - not possibile to close
    if you don't find that prod.order in list and not in finished prod orders, could be that someone has tampered with data and maybe deleted the order but forgot to delete related entries.
    One way to fix this would be to allow No.serie for Prod.Order numbers to be manual, then create a new Prod.order and enter the number stated in error. If it has some linked entries - they will show up - so you can check lines. If no lines show up try to create one and check the components/routings and so on... .
    Leave this order open and try to close the Period again. Should be ok now, then you can just delete the order.
    If some lines do show up when you create this prod.order - then it is hard to say what is the best next action. If there is finished qty. Mo e to the order to finished state. If finished qty is 0, then just delete the order.
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    Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 7,256 Super User on at
    Inventory Periods - not possibile to close
    Can you provide more information? What type of production order, was it finished? How was it deleted?

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