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API to post purchase order receipt and warehouse shipment

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Hi all,

We are building a scanner app to allow us to scan purchase orders and perform work in Business Central.  All of our sales orders have special order POs attached to them.  The objective is to scan a PO number to have the PO received and fulfill the connected sales order.  The scanner app would print a label with some of the sales order details.  The time from scan to print needs to be fast, I don't want employees waiting for Business Central to post documents.  My thoughts are to use a custom Business Central API with Azure Service Bus.  Here is the concept walkthrough

  1. The user scans the purchase order in the app.  The app makes an API call using the PO number.
  2. The API returns the connected sales order data required for printing. (the app sends to print services).
  3. The API inserts a message into the message queue with the purchase order for processing.
  4. A service will process the message to post a purchase order receipt.  
  5. Another message is inserted to a queue to create the warehouse shipment 
  6. A service will process the message to create the warehouse shipment for the sales order.

I am leaning towards the service bus because we will be able to utilize service bus features for retry or dead lettering.  I have seen postings not be 100% reliable.

Does this seem like a good approach?

  • API to post purchase order receipt and warehouse shipment
    Thanks for the post!
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    RE: API to post purchase order receipt and warehouse shipment


    sounds like a good approach to me


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