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Error While Posting the Statement

Posted on by 83

I'm getting the below error message while posting a retail statement. Could anyone please help me to resolve this issue.

Kindly let me know if you need any information from my end

While processing the state Payments posted, generic exception encountered in retail statement SHOUSTON000058 in the controller : Posting results for journal batch number 25185 Voucher ARPM012533 0.06 for voucher ARPM012533 in company usrt will be posted as an overpayment or underpayment
Posting results for journal batch number 25189 Voucher ARPM012535 Posting without amount cannot be made
Posting results for journal batch number 25189 Voucher ARPM012535 Posting without amount cannot be made
Update has been canceled because of an error.


GL Parameter



AR Parameter


  • EeWee Profile Picture
    EeWee on at
    RE: Error While Posting the Statement

    Hi sunilkumar_R,

    Could you please execute the script below and let me know if it returns any results?

    begin transaction;

    -- Statement lines
    drop table if exists #PostingWithoutAmountCannotBeMade;

        transamount as old_transamount, round(transamount,2as new_transamount,
        transamountmst as old_transamountmst, round(transamountmst,2as new_transamountmst,
        transamountstore as old_transamountstore, round(transamountstore,2as new_transamountstore,
        differenceamount as old_differenceamount, round(differenceamount,2as new_differenceamount,
        differenceamountmst as old_differenceamountmst, round(differenceamountmst,2as new_differenceamountmst,
        differenceamountstore as old_differenceamountstore, round(differenceamountstore,2as new_differenceamountstore
    into #PostingWithoutAmountCannotBeMade
    from retailstatementline rsl
    where (rsl.differenceamount % 0.01 != 0OR (rsl.TRANSAMOUNTMST % 0.01 != 0);
    select * from #PostingWithoutAmountCannotBeMade;


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