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Workflow for reversals

Posted on by 126
Does anyone know how we can create a workflow in Dynamics for reversal entries, so that reversals need to be approved before posted?
Kind regards,
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    Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 5,519 Super User on at
    Workflow for reversals
    you could try to below trigger, set up a condition with the Reversing Entry to Yes
    Jun Wang

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    Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 7,256 Super User on at
    Workflow for reversals
    What are you reversing and what function/document/journal are you using to do it?
    • If you're using credit memo and return order documents, you can setup an approval workflow for those documents.
    • If you're using journals such as the general journal, you can set up an approval workflow for the general journal, and you can have a specific batch used for reversals. The approval workflow would be tied to that batch.
    • If you're using the reverse function where you click the Reverse button then approvals are not possible.
    • If you're using the Cancel or Correct buttons on posted invoices, then approvals are not possible as the system will automatically post the credit memos.
    Essentially, your process must involve manually creating reversal documents such as a credit memo or return order, or journal entries, that are then sent for approval.  
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    Yi Yong Profile Picture
    Yi Yong 279 on at
    Workflow for reversals
    Hello Sean,
    Unfortunately, using the Reverse Transaction function does not go through the journal page hence workflow will not work.
    You could exclude permission on the Reversal page/codeunit so that the user will not have permission to run the function and have to go enter through the journal.

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