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How does this lookup field work?

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Can someone please help me shed some light on  how this look up field works?

The field is on a form,  as shown in the screenshot it is a look up field, and related entity says Account.

But when using the form as end user, other entity values are available for selection, such as contacts, case. Can someone please explain how this is made possible?



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    Kirah 21 on at
    RE: How does this lookup field work?

    Vonselli  Eiken

    Thank you both for your response on this. I appreciate it.



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    Eiken on at
    RE: How does this lookup field work?


    Regarding field is a special field type in crm system, and you can add this field only in activity type entity.

    The regardingobjectid(Logical name of the Regarding field) is, in fact, pert' near relationships (lookups) to every entity out there -- a very unique feature that makes Activities special.

    Please check the following image.


    Email is a activity type entity.


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    Vonselli Profile Picture
    Vonselli 360 on at
    RE: How does this lookup field work?

    activity is a special type of entity which automatically has relationship (regarding) to those entities defined to contain activities (while creation of original "mother" entity")

    are you trying to create a new regarding lookup or do you want to replicate email functionality - by understanding that it would be easier to suggest the answer

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