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Integration BC (on-premise) and sales (on-premise) custom entities

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My company uses Dynamics Sales on premise and would maybe like to deploy Business Central on premise. The company sells insurance policies.

Custom entities have been created in Dynamics Sales to manage the policies. 

How can BC get the data in these custom entities to create invoices?

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    Marco Mels Profile Picture
    Marco Mels on at
    RE: Integration BC (on-premise) and sales (on-premise) custom entities


    This is a difficult scenario to establish and probably also difficult to maintain. You must first connect to Dataverse in later releases of BC before you can connect to CRM OnPrem.

    I did setup the scenario myself and we (developers from Product Group and CSS (me)) got very far in making this work. Our developers directly worked on the virtual machines I created for them. But in the end the customer decided to move to CRM Online as it took us a very long time as it was very complicated.

    Best probably is to consider moving from CRM OnPrem to CRM Online to get scenario to work.


  • AliHH Profile Picture
    AliHH 40 on at
    RE: Integration BC (on-premise) and sales (on-premise) custom entities


    You will need to create tables of type "CRM" in Business Central using VS Code and AL language of course, and this can be done using tools provided by Microsoft that automatically generate the tables' definition in AL Code (regardless if the deployment is Online or On-Premise). Once that is done, in business central you need to connect to the CRM Organization, now fro Dynamics 365 Slas Online (CRM) it is easy, but for On-Premise it seems that Business Central On-Premise won't connect to CRM On-Premise, as I'm too trying to connect BC (On-Prem) to CRM(On-Prem) and haven't yet found a solution

  • wapiti Profile Picture
    wapiti 5 on at
    RE: Integration BC (on-premise) and sales (on-premise) custom entities

    Thanks for the answer.

    But the Dataverse is only in the cloud, right?

    The company would like to keep their data on premise, and doesn't want to use a cloud solution.

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    JAngle Profile Picture
    JAngle 33,131 on at
    RE: Integration BC (on-premise) and sales (on-premise) custom entities

    This walk through is helpful for the general pathway:

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