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Timeout issues and storage issues

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Posted on by 180

We have been having a number of timeout issues since upgrading to the Dynamics 365 CE UUI interface. 

My MS Gold partner has advised the below. 

  • Work with yourself on reducing the database size where possible
  • Optimise our queries to cater for performance degradation

My database size is:

Database usage File usage Log usage
48.85 4.11 14.53

I have gone through the database and entities and removed any unnecessary files especially from the ActivityPointerBase as this is what seems to be using the most storage. 

Any ideas on what else i can do to save storage? 
I use audit history quite alot when investigating issues and you cannot choose what to delete in audit table so not sure what to do here. We also only went live with CRM in 2018 so not that old.

However i have a bulk load of contacts to import in.

So I am not sure what needs doing here as i will be increasing the database size. 

Has anyone come across these issues, any advice would be great

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    PerezAguiar Profile Picture
    PerezAguiar on at
    RE: Timeout issues and storage issues

    The first thing to analyze would be to check the storage of all instances you have. This analysis should tell how much storage of each type you're using on each environment.  For example, you can start by removing unnecesary log partitions from Sandboxes.  If the log storage is too high on Production instances, you should consider asking your business stakeholders if you can remove older data:  data that has been created more than 1 year ago, for example. Please remember this should consider if there's any business/legal requirement to keep certain time (for example, some business must keep 2 years of data).


    The second thing to analyze would be each specific table on each environment:


    Depending on the affected table, you can take some actions, based on

    I hope this helps,

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