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Manually updated one of GP table mistakenly

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I am new to GP. By mistake I manually updated RM00201 table CLASSID of single digits like 1, 2, 3, 4 to 01, 02, 03, 04 in order to fix some issue. It was updated 6 months ago. But because of above fix now another issue popping up.

What impact it would have on other tables?? Behind the scenes how many tables are pointing this? Would it cause serious data issues??

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    RE: Manually updated one of GP table mistakenly

    Thank you so much for the answers. I am clear now...Actually RM00201 was updated from 1 to 01 because already most of the records in RM00101 table's CUSTCLAS are with 01 and few are with 1. To fix that RM00201 was updated 6 months ago. But now the records with ClassId as 1 in RM00101 table is giving issue (it would have given issue immediately but it wasn't noticed). So the fix would be to update RM00101 table's CUSTCLAS to 01, but I am wondering how come RM00101 has got records with ClassID's as 01 when RM00201 has 1????

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    RE: Manually updated one of GP table mistakenly


    The effect of this is as follows:

    You have customers in RM00101 (Customer master) that have a class id recorded against them. These Class IDs are 1,2,3,4 etc.

    However these Class ID's do not exist in the RM00201 table (RM Class Master). The only ones that exist are 01,02,03,04 etc.

    This basically means that your Class ID functionality is corrupt.

    So, if you opened a customer in GP cards, and clicked on the Class ID blue underlined text, GP would think you are creating a new Class ID since it doesn't exist.

    This shouldn't affect any processing functionality. It would however affect reports that use the Class ID as a filter etc.

    To fix, I think all you would need to do is run queries in SQL.

    Update RM00101 set CUSTCLAS = '01' where CUSTCLAS = '1'

    Update RM00101 set CUSTCLAS = '01' where CUSTCLAS = '2' etc.

    This updates the class ID's attached to Customers to be valid Class ID's from the RM00201 table.

    This will not change any of the fields that are rolled down by class ID.

    Or you could revert the RM00201 table changes?

    Update RM00201 set CLASSID = '1' where classid = '01' etc.


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    RE: Manually updated one of GP table mistakenly

    Dear Sprasana 

    RM00201 is the customer class table where you setup customer classes.

    The one benefit to adding customer class is that when you make a change to the customer class level for example change one of the accounts from Acct1 to acct2 GP will ask you if you want to roll the change to all the customers belonging to that class. So convenient.

    This is expected behavior when you use GP (front end). As the classid is the primary key, that field would be grayed out in the front end.

    RE: your SQL update 

    It will impact at a minimum RM00101 (Customer Maintenance) table where all the customer cards are held. The column you are looking for is CUSTCLAS.

    If you use VAT, it may impact VAT tables as well.

    Best of luck

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