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NCOA & other data hygiene

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We're a direct mail firm with a client that I believe is using Microsoft CRM Online.  Their database is currently around 75,000 records from various sources over many years.  They've asked us to clean up their data for direct mail purposes.

Is there an easy way to export and import address tables so that we can run address change and other mail data services?  What is the easiest way import appended data fields (e.g. demographics, URL's, etc.)?  Lastly, while we can easily identify duplicate records from address tables, is there a straightforward way to then merge the histories of the dupes into one record?

We wouldn't be doing the hands-on with CRM.  I'd be passing on the process requests to the client.  I just need to know what is possible so that we can develop the best data hygiene strategy.

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    NCOA & other data hygiene

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    RE: NCOA & other data hygiene

    you can use different approach's for each task

    you can start with exporting to excel for updating:

    This will export to excel and than you can use Excell features like V-lookup to clean the data

    to eliminate duplicates, you can write code

    or you can use this feature

    however that is for removing duplicates.

    Merge feature in Dynamics CRM is available for Leads, Account, Contact and (if CRM 2013+ or online) Calls Entities

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