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What's the best way to provide for large daily data entry sets?

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We have >30k CRM Online accounts.  Offline (in Excel) we manually capture an additional 200 unique data points for each account.   Each data point can be 1 of 5 options.  What is the best way in CRM Online to provide for this kind of large data capture on a daily basis?  I could create 200 option lists on a CRM form, organized in tabs but this would result in a long form and read/write performance might be impacted.  Also, I want to make data entry as easy for users as possible so they can quickly select the right option for each data point. 

I should mention we have Office 365 so linkage with SharePoint lists etc. are an option as well.  


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    RE: What's the best way to provide for large daily data entry sets?

    Thanks Hasintha - Excel is cumbersome with our high volume (30k accounts and 200 data points each) .  We already have to use multiple workbooks.  Would it be a bad idea to add  200 option lists to a CRM form?  I can imagine the main positive is that all the data would be in one place and the main negative would be performance.  Curious if you've ever seen large data entry like this on CRM.  Another option is we could make the CRM fields read only and only allow create/update using Excel data enrichment (export Excel and re-import).  

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    RE: What's the best way to provide for large daily data entry sets?

    Deas Ara,

    Why dont you create a windows service to run on each morning, read the excel and dump the data into the CRm entities. The user may need to dump the excel file into a file location in the local network. you can read it and create the records using the CRM service.

    You can find the sample code from here.

    Thanks and Kind Regards,


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