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Vendor request: Vendor add application workflow

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Posted on by 30
I'm working on D365 FO on a virtual machine. When  processing the vendor requests, after I press approve the /Vendor add application workflow/ stops and displays /Workflow stopped (error)/ without displaying an error message.
The workflow works correctly when I press reject. 
PS: email settings are correct and I've received the test email. 

Help me with your recommendations or if you know the cause of this error? 
  • Vendor request: Vendor add application workflow
    Did you get any solution to this issue ??
  • Marwen Profile Picture
    Marwen 30 on at
    Vendor request: Vendor add application workflow
    Hi Ramit, 
    Thank you for your help, I have created two Workflows from scratch (  the first one for approving vendors requests and the second is an approval workflow for PO) the workflow for PO approval works, but vendor request approval workflow stops again.
    I chacked Language setup, all system languages are setup "en-us".
    The workflow works on the cloud version and stops when excuting it on the VM, I think it  may have something to do with VM parameters. 

    I checked the batch jobs and services too (all clear). 
  • Ramit Paul Profile Picture
    Ramit Paul 18,188 Super User on at
    Vendor request: Vendor add application workflow
    Couple of things- Can you check workflow related all batches are running?
    Can you check the LE language from le setup page?
    If not, I suggest to create a test workflow from scratch but for another document if that is working.
  • Marwen Profile Picture
    Marwen 30 on at
    Vendor request: Vendor add application workflow
    Thank you Gaurav for your help, 

    I verified that the workflow instructions are the in the same  language defined on approvers D365 User account. That does not resolve the problem.
    Hereunder some screenshots of the Workflow configuration, to better describe the issue.
  • Gaurav Bharti Profile Picture
    Gaurav Bharti 134 on at
    Vendor request: Vendor add application workflow
    Hi Marwen,
    It looks like that instructions text are missing in the workflow step you designed or language translation.
    I think this article will help you tp resolve this error:
    if not, then it would be worth checking if any condition you have defined in workflow is not met. You may share screenshot of workflow configured for more understanding if above solution doesnt work for you.
    Many Thanks,

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