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First Steps customizing POS

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Hi Everyone,

We are kind of new working with this technology so we have very specific questions. Hope somebody can help us. 

Basically is a How-to list:

  1. Add customized controls to lookups and formats with screens based on designers.
  2. Add customized control to look ups without screens based on designers.
  3. Save the values of customized controls in the Central Commerce (CRUD).
  4. Add validations to customized controls (onchange, onsave).
  5. Initialize values of customized controls with information from master lists managed at Commerce headquarters (populate a dropdown list with information from F&O).
  6. Validations on the server and how to cancel the operations if validation criteria are not met.
  7. Deployment of source code from local virtual machine to Build instance.
  8. Generate packages from Sandbox to Production

We progress adding new fields and validations on form events (onchange, onsave).

However, we don’t know how to query data from database and deploy these changes to a different environment.

Can anyone recommend some docs/video/resources in order to achieve these goals?

We are willing to pay for some consulting hours. We already have a VM for explanations.  

Thanks in Advance.

  • Victor Garcia Profile Picture
    Victor Garcia 5 on at
    RE: First Steps customizing POS

    Thank you for you reply, Todd. I´ll take a look.

  • ToddB Profile Picture
    ToddB on at
    RE: First Steps customizing POS

    Hi Victor,

    You may want to start at the below:

    Commerce for IT pros and developers

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