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Customer uses Vendor approvals workflow and emails templates

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Posted on by 445

Our customer is on GP16 and recently began using vendor approvals workflow in 3 of their companies, which works fine.  Now they had us modify and assign the Word PO template and assign to all vendors.  The problem is they cannot email PO templates.  They CAN email SOP templates, which they've used for months.  Even the 'sa' user cannot email PO templates.  When you click it shows GP processing templates on the bottom bar of GP, but nothing happens.  

What I am wondering is if updating all vendors (using the Nav list > email button) for all vendors to use the PO template and enable email has triggered the need for all vendors to go through workflow approval.  This would be a very large process as there are thousands and thousands of vendors in each company.  There is no way this can be done manually.

That all being said, has anyone heard of this happening and have any other ideas of why they cannot email PO's from GP?  The same thing happens to reprinted remittances, but again sales will email.  They can print the templates so it is not permissions to the templates.

HELP!!!  Any guidance is greatly appreciated!!

  • Althea ADS Profile Picture
    Althea ADS 445 on at
    RE: Customer uses Vendor approvals workflow and emails templates

    Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for your quick reply!  The report processing window is empty and so is the process monitor.  This is so strange.  I've been working with GP as a consultant/implementer/support for over 17 years and been working with templates and workflow and never ran across this!  

    I opened the report template process window while I tried to email and it looks normal and gets the green check mark and clears out immediately.  But still nothing happens.  LIke it's getting queued somewhere.  SOP docs still have no issue - they email correctly and right away.  Even in between all the PO testing, so not backing up ni a queue.

    so perplexed....

  • Keith Meyer  Profile Picture
    Keith Meyer 5 on at
    RE: Customer uses Vendor approvals workflow and emails templates

    Hi Althea

    I have experienced this before GP says it is because of a Dexterity component. In my case with both the PO and  SOP Word templates. Any time I made a modification and deployed.

    My work around was to;


    First of all confirm that the report is being is stuck under top left Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Report Processing Status

    If so  'Remove' it from here

    2. Check for any report processing in Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Process Monitor. If so either Remove or if you cannot Remove hard boot out of GP using task manager. Note: You will need to clear your activity on next logon.


    Start and stop the spooling service in OS task manager. Services >> Print Spooler

    This normally worked for me.

    The other thing confirm that you have your permissions to the template set correctly and settings assigned correctly to the template. This also causes the same.


  • Althea ADS Profile Picture
    Althea ADS 445 on at
    RE: Customer uses Vendor approvals workflow and emails templates

    Also - at the bottom it does say "templates processing", counts down and then goes away - no yellow triangle with any messages.

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