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decodeURIComponent adding chars to string Unified Interface

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We use encodeURIComponents to pass parameters to a html web resource. We use decodeURIComponent in the HTML web resource to get the string and we split it to an array at the & chars (26). This works fine in the old legacy UI but when testing in the ne Unified Interface the chars '25' are getting added to the string parameter after each '%' char. In the old UI the parameter looks like this after we pass it to the function decodeURIComponent:

  • Phil%20Crocker%26test%2640472B11-122B-EA11-A810-000D3A86A78C

but in the Unified Interface the string looks like this after it is passed to the same function:

  • Phil%2520Crocker%2526null%2526B184FA94-0E2B-EA11-A810-000D3A86AD25 (ignore the 25 at the end of the GUID - it is a coincidence)

I am using Xrm.Navigation.openWebResource to open the web resource and pass the string parameter. The string parameter is built up like this:

  • var params = currentUserName + "&" + resolveComments + "&" + caseId;

Here is the code used:

This opens the web resource and passes the string parameter:

//Open Resolve case form
function OpenResolveCaseForm(caseId, currentUserName, resolveComments)
    var params = currentUserName + "&" + resolveComments + "&" + caseId;
    var customParameters = encodeURIComponent(params);
    var windowOptions = { height: 200, width: 500 }
    Xrm.Navigation.openWebResource("pol_ResolutionForm", windowOptions ,customParameters);

This converts the string to an array and should contain 3 seperate string objects:

  1. System User name
  2. Text for text box
  3. Case record ID

function getDataParam() {
            var vals = new Array();
            if ( != "") {
                vals ="&");
                for (var i in vals) {
                    vals[i] = vals[i].replace(/\+/g, " ").split("=");
                var found = false;
                for (var i in vals) {
                    if (vals[i][0].toLowerCase() == "data") {
                       found = true;

        function parseDataValue(datavalue) {
            if (datavalue != "") {
                var vals = new Array();               
                vals = decodeURIComponent(datavalue).split("&");
                for (var i in vals) {
                    vals[i] = vals[i].replace(/\+/g, " ").split("=");
                document.getElementsByName("ResolvedBy")[0].value = vals[0];
                if (vals[1] == null || vals[1] == "" || vals[1] == undefined || vals[1] == "null") {
                    document.getElementsByName("comment")[0].value = "";
                else {
                    document.getElementsByName("comment")[0].value = decodeURIComponent(vals[1]);
                caseId = vals[2];

Anyone else experiencing this behaviour or have an idea why this functionality has changed with the Unified Interface



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    Henry J. Profile Picture
    Henry J. 5,235 on at
    RE: decodeURIComponent adding chars to string Unified Interface

    Hi Phil,

    It looks like your string is encoded twice:

    Without encoding: Phil Crocker&test&40472B11-122B-EA11-A810-000D3A86A78C
    After a 1st encoding: Phil%20Crocker%26test%2640472B11-122B-EA11-A810-000D3A86A78C
    After a 2nd encoding: Phil%2520Crocker%2526test%252640472B11-122B-EA11-A810-000D3A86A78C

    I have no idea if this expected in Unified Interface, so I would open a Support Request:

    On a side note, I see you are trying to replace the default Case Resolution logic with a custom Web Resource.
    You might to keep an eye open for the 2020 Release Wave 1, as 2019 Release Wave 2 introduced this for opportunities:

    Also, have you had a look at the navigateTo method? It could be of interest to you, although it has some limitations, as highlighted in this article:


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