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OData execution of a Quick Find savedquery

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Hi all

I'm aware of the ability to execute a saved query/system view against an entity (GET [Organization URI]/api/data/v8.2/accounts?savedQuery=00000000-0000-0000-00aa-000010001002), but how do I add the search term if it's a Quick Find query? I know the FetchXML query has a value={0} element, but I can't pass in a "value" parameter - CRM errors saying "No Other Query options supported when SavedQuery or UserQuery or FetchXml option is provided".

Obviously the alternative is to just return the FetchXML, do the replacement of the {0}, and then execute that, but it seems inelegant compared to the ?savedQuery mechanism?

P.S. I'm doing this in JavaScript from a web resource, although I don't think that changes the question at all?


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    ashlega 34,473 on at
    RE: OData execution of a Quick Find savedquery

    Sure.. Also, this may give you a bit more details on the internal "mechanics" of the Quick Find:

    Basically, if you register a plugin in the pre-retrieveMultiple, you'll see how the search keyword is added to the filter conditions (which likely means that CRM is doing some client-side pre-processing before running that fetch, but, in the end, who knows)

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    James on at
    RE: OData execution of a Quick Find savedquery

    Thanks Alex. That's unfortunate - I found the execution of the Saved Queries elegant. We need to mimic the Quick Find mechanism by default, so creating filters isn't going to do the trick, unfortunately. We'll stick to downloading the fetchXML, replacing the {0}, and executing that.

    I'm going to leave this open for 48 hours before marking as answer just in case someone knows of any additional information.


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    ashlega 34,473 on at
    RE: OData execution of a Quick Find savedquery


     I don't think you can do it that way - CRM take care of updating FetchXml when executing quick find (it does not pass a parameter to the fetch). So you might do the same - have a fetchXml there, update it for each query (add filters etc), then run that fetch.

     Or you can use filtering in Web API (without fetch):

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