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User fields are not copied into auto-generated tax line

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We use the database user fields (User1, User2, etc.) to link invoice items to an external requisition/purchasing system.  A user value is entered on an invoice line-item (which is stored in the APTran table), and this carries through to the GL (GLTran table).  For line items where there is no tax ID, this works great.  But when we apply a tax ID, so that Solomon will auto-generate a corresponding line-item with a pre-set tax rate, the user values don't carry through to the auto-generated tax line-items.  As a result, the original purchase amount is linked to our external system, but the tax amount is not.  And by that point, the batch has already been posted, so there's no way to edit the user fields on the tax line-item.

I've looked for a system setting which would cause user values to be carried over to the auto-generated tax line items, but I can't find anything.  Does anyone know of a way to get these values to carry over?

  • Re: User fields are not copied into auto-generated tax line

    Hi Mark,

    As a way around this issue, you could run a trace using SQL Profiler and see if there is a stored procedure that is involved in creating the tax lines.  If so, you could modify that stored procedure to incorporate your user fields.  We have a document in the How-to section of CustomerSource on how to use SQL Profiler and a helpful template to make sure you capture the necessary statements and processes.  You can find them at:

    Just choose the article that matches your version of SQL Server.

    Otherwise, you might be able to use a trigger to populate the tax transactions with your user field information.

    Let us know how else we can help.

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