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Management Reporter data mart access - domain change

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We just migrated to a new server for GP, and as part of that, a new domain is added as well. I have been able to add the new domain users and can access management reporter, can run reports, and can access reports if they are done on the legacy adapter. However, if they are run using the datamart or any datamart database, when the report comes up, I get a message "This report can't be displayed" "Make sure that you have access to one of the following items: A unit in the reporting tree The report in the Management Reporter report library."

If I go to the report library and try and open the report, it gives me a message: "This report view can't be displayed due to unit security"

This new domain user is an administrator in management reporter and has full rights to the report library.

Any ideas? this is pretty urgent to get their reports up and running.


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    kjjson on at
    RE: Management Reporter data mart access - domain change

    Thanks Richard, I actually found the answer. They had setup a user security group and had assigned it in a few of the reporting trees, so those particular reports where requiring the user to be added to those security groups in order to view the reports run based off of those trees. All is well.

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    Richard Wheeler 75,730 on at
    RE: Management Reporter data mart access - domain change

    Are you saying you have a new server that is a member of two domains or  this new server is a member of only the new domain?

    These tips may be of help. All the security is kept within the ManagementReporter database. The users are kept in there with their domain credentials so you will not be able to simply copy over the databases. It may be best to simply export the building blocks from the old server, install MR onto the new server and import those building blocks. You would need to add the users to the new MR instance.

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