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Project Billing line distributions

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Posted on by 75,730

Using Project Accounting Billing Entry in GP 2018 R2, i see there is a button for line distributions. However, whenever i click on it while sitting on a line, all the fields are always blank and even if they weren't there are only fields for the GL accounts numbers. What good is that? I need to see the associated dollar values. The summary distribution button show dollar amounts. I see a PA13204 table but nothing ever goes into that table. Does there exist a table that will have the distribution amounts per line? Is there some Project setting that enables line distributions?

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    Richard Wheeler 75,730 on at
    RE: Project Billing line distributions

    The problem I have is there is no table that contains the distribution amounts per line. Right now I do not need to change the values just have a table that contains them. I suppose in the future changing them would be helpful.

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    kdd281 465 on at
    RE: Project Billing line distributions

    When I click on a line distribution in Billings, I get a Line Distribution Entry Box so you can enter the account number. Maybe a security role missing?


    One draw back of this feature depending on the screen is you cannot break up the distribution using the same account number.  We use this method to break cost up on Projects for Expenses. We were able to find a work around in Receiving if anyone is interested - Example: UPS send us one bill for multiple shipments but we the same GL account for the whole bill, but we want to break up each shipment into its own GL distribution entry by referencing a Project ID using the Summary Distributions screen using the Reference Field, but due to this new feature, they removed the ability to break it up even though the total is the same. We used this to report cost of projects can be reported directly in Financials.

    It was great that MS added this feature for a line distribution change, but they removed the ability to change the Summary Distributions which was a huge step back.


    Please up vote a product change :

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    Richard Wheeler 75,730 on at
    RE: Project Billing line distributions

    I have come to despise the phrase "Working as designed". The PA10802 only has the summary distribution information. I need to create a display window showing the distribution per line. I will use the PA13200.PABillingAmount. That has an amount per line and since the GL accounts are always the same this should work.

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    JodeRuiter 976 UG Leader on at
    RE: Project Billing line distributions

    All of this is by design.  In Project you have to follow how each and every project and its cost codes are setup and there's no deviating from that setup by changing at the line level.

    Yes, I am aware how frustrating it is, but the accounts can't be changed here, you have to change how the entire project/cost code is setup.

    You CAN however, look at the table PA10802 for more information.

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