Would you like to have a direct impact on future versions of HR/Payroll?  The MBS Dynamics team is launching a multi-year initiative to reimagine/envision the future ERP solutions by leveraging innovative designs/UI, cloud platforms, and mobile devices.  We are looking for current AX Customers, ISVs or Partners to join our Council Program.  End users and/or Consultants with specific industry/area of expertise (AX knowledge is not necessary) are also welcome to join the program. 


The Council Program is a free program that builds relationships with a diverse set of companies and individuals to provide a direct connection of subject matter experts within the product and the AX community, to enable feedback for early and direct impact in the future of AX.  This enables feedback gathering and tracking based on focus scenarios needed at various stages of the solution delivery.



  • Ongoing program.  No cost associated
  • Each company will be required to nominate a main contact for the program
  • Participants have the flexibility to enroll, choose areas of interest, and decide when to participate in the program
  • Areas of interest will have different cycles for feedback gathering.  Some will have idle periods and may not have ongoing discussions.
  • Interaction's frequency will depend on areas/topics evolvement
  • MS Support cases will not be tracked in this program


Next steps

  1. Please fill out your Individual Nomination survey here: http://aka.ms/F1usu2
    1. When asked which areas you are most interested in providing feedback, please select HR and/or Payroll.
    2. Here are the Persona's used most commonly for HR/Payroll.  Please select one or more (hold down the Ctrl key to select more than one) which most closely describes your role or interest area in your company.
      • Brooke - HR Assistant
      • Claire - HR Manager
      • Grace - Training & Development Manager
      • Jacob - Staffing and Recruitment Manager
      • Jodi - Compensation & Benefits
      • Luke - HR Generalist
      • Mia - Payroll Administrator
  2. If your company is already a member of the Council Program, you will be contacted in a couple weeks to learn more about feedback opportunities in HR/Payroll.  If you company is not yet a member of the Council Program, we will reach out to you to fill out the Company Nomination survey located here: http://aka.ms/Kqartn
    1. You will be asked for your company's Signatory Person who can sign Agreements on behalf of your Company.
  3. Your company's Signatory Person will be asked to sign the proper legal documents (an NDA and an Input Agreement).  Once these documents are in place, you may begin participating in Council activities.


To learn more about the Council Program, please click here.  You can also email daxcf@microsoft.com, subject: Microsoft Dynamics AX R&D Council, with any questions or to check your company's status in the Council Program.