Editing duties in a copied Role impact the default Role in AX 2012

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I'd like to share an issue related to the editing duties in Dynamics Ax 2012. I created an new Security Role and copied some duties from the default Role(s) into the New Security Role. When I edited the duties in the copied one, the same changes were brought in the default role too.

I hope I could convey the message clearly.

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  • You have copied just references to duties; both roles now points to the same duties in AOT. Sharing of well-defined duties across roles is the wanted .behavior.

    Create new duties if you want different duties than in the original role. You still can reuse some privileges.


    Martin "Goshoom" Dráb | Freelancer | Goshoom.NET Dev Blog

  • Thanks Martin,

    Your answer was helpful.

    but Lets share how did I understand the solution.

    1- I created new security role

    2- from the Role Content  I added the specific privileges to the Role.

    3- Then I right clicked on each duty and edit it.

    But still there is a link with same AOT source. Could you please give me an step by step solution in this regard?


    Thanks again