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Eric Enlow asked a question on 31 Jan 2013 2:37 PM

Is it possible to open up the consolidation company to post GL entries?

Here is our situation and why we would like to do so...

Our elimination journal is pulling in canadian dollars and not posting the difference to the Balance Account for Consolidation Differences.

So as a work around we wanted to just manually post a general journal to eliminate.  However we are finding that we cannot post in our consolidation company.


thanks in advance



Jim Hummer responded on 1 Feb 2013 2:06 PM

If you are open to doing your consolidations outside of the AX database, Solver’s BI360 data warehouse integrates with AX and there you have full flexibility in posting any type of consolidation adjustment entry in any currency at any level in the company roll-up (e.g. subsidiary, division or HQ). Then, using the BI360 report writer, you can create consolidation reports that:

1) Includes the consolidation adjustments

2) Excludes the consolidation adjustments

3) Lists consolidation adjustments in separate columns in a consolidating report

4) Special consolidation adjustment control reports to help you manage and audit all the adjustments you have made.

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