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We have a Fixed Asset Journal and after it was submitted the Workflow Action bar has disappeared. We are using a standard workflow. The workflow status is set for submitted. We have created a new one and that one is fine.  Problem is we cannot delete the journal as it thinks it is in workflow.  Apparently my users have informed me that there are other journals that have the same issue.  Any ideas on how i can go about troubleshooting this issue?



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  • Does anyone have any ideas on how i can go about troubleshooting this issue?



  • Start by trying to identify the status of the workflow for this journal in the "Workflow History" form

  • Thank you for the response.  I assume you were referring to the Form in Home; AreaPage?  This form is great I have never used it before.  Though i cannot locate the few journals in question.  Any other ideas?



  • Any other suggestions?  I dont want to call MS



  • Hi Eric,

    I was wondering if you found an answer to your issue? I am having a similar problem. I have checked the workflow setup and the actions have been enabled but the only action we can take is to review history. When looking at the record details of one that was submitted, current status 'pending', some information is unretreived. I am starting to think it is a system configuration problem specific to workflows.

    Thank you for any info you might have.


  • This may be the case where document got submitted but the batch job which runs and executes the logic related to assigning the document to specific user to perform approval is not getting executed.

    Please verify the related workflow status history.

    and check whether Workflow batch job is running or not.

    Please verify.

    Please update with your feedback.

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    Regards, NITESH RANAJN (PMP) | Dynamics AX Consultant

  • I would defiantly look into the workflow as Nitesh suggested as our issue sounds different than yours.  However to answer your questions and update this thread I have found the following and was able to get the journal out of workflow and back to being unsubmitted.  I really wanted a solution that we could delete the journal through AX instead of just removing rows from the DB.

    Let me say that I would look for a better answer than mine perhaps one from a more seasoned AX professional, or perhaps one will comment on this solution.  MS may have a better approach too.  I am just some guy on the internet....

    In the LedgerJournalTrans table I found the journal in question had the status of approved, however we were not able to post and there was no workflow bar for this journal.  I set this field, WorkflowApprovalStatus, to 1 (Not Submitted).

    Then I set the Field Approved in the LedgerJournalTrans Table to NO

    This got the journal out of workflow where we were able to deleted the journal and then recreate.  This was all tested in our test environment and appears not to have any ill effects.  I wrote a little job for this process that will open a dialog asking for the suspect journal number and update the fields mentioned above.

  • Is that possible to let that user to just recall the submitted journal

  • In my case the bar which the button to recall was missing.

  • Eric, you are taking a risk by modifying/deleting records directly on the DB. You are running the risk of not deleting all the related tables and creating data integrity problems.

    Just something to keep in mind.

    Did you never manage to find any occurrence of this journal in the workflow history form?

    In this form there is a filter by 'status' at the top as default, so it is imported when looking at this form, so it is important to first remove that filter.

    Zvika Rimalt * Dynamics AX Business Analyst/Functional Consultant * Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • Zvika,

    Thanks for the response.  Regarding the risk of data integrity, I tried to mitigate that by just removing the journal from Workflow via an update to the table record.  Then having the end user delete the journal from the journal screen not the db.  I assume at the point of deleting the record via the gui it would then remove all workflow related records.

    I was unable to find any workflow history.