Insert Columns into SSRS Report Dynamically

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I have a report that will have a variable number of monthly columns, based on date range. This will normally be three-to-four monthly columns, but will occasionally span a year or two, and could potentially span several years.

How do you do that from AX to SSRS? Creating a report with 48-60 columns and then hiding the unused ones is not a desirable approach.

Also, the column headings will change based on date range as well.

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  • For that, you can use only a Matrix instead of a table that you gonna get that result.

    Example: A report that show the customer and their open transactions with due dates.


    []s Ricardo Pichler
  • Yes, but how do you insert the new columns?

  • I don't know how to explain, but let me try.

    Drag and drop the matrix object to your report;

    Right click on design node and choose editing using design;

    Locate the matrix object and you gonna see four cells;

    first cell of first line leave empty;

    second cell of first line drag and drop due date field;

    first cell of second line put cust account field;

    second cell of second line put amount field;

    If it didn't work, take a look at youtube, there're a lot of videos teaching how to use matrix in SSRS that use the same concept.


    []s Ricardo Pichler