Payment schedules with Accounts Payable

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 I cannot get payment schedules to work when paying [ad hoc] vendor invoices.  We are using AX only for Accounts Payable and General Ledger functions. We have AX 2009 (5.0.10000.52).  Our system has been modified very little as it's brand new, and I cannot get this to work even with the MS test company.

Here is my testing process:

In AP, I go into Invoice Journal.  I create a new journal for a vendor, enter an invoice with the amount in the credit field.  I pick an offset account. 

For document date, I pick today.  For terms, I enter my equal pay terms, code AP-PN.  My intent for this code is 2 equal payments, one 30 days out and the second 60 days out.  The due date gets automatically set to 30 days out, which from what I've read should be the first installment and is correct. I then post my invoice journal. 

Terms AP-PN is setup as follows:  Payment method: Net.  Months: 1.  Days: 0. Payment schedule: AP-02-EQUAL.  Payment day and type are not defined.  Certified company check is unchecked and credit check is Normal.

Payment schedule AP-02-EQUAL is setup as follows:  Allocation: Fixed Quantity.  Payment per: Months.  Change: 1. Number of payments: 2.  Minimum: 0.00.  Sales tax allocation: Proportionally.    No payment lines or notes.

Next I go into the Payments Journal.  Create a new journal with our journal name of type "Vendor disbursement" and create a new proposal.  Selecting my vendor, I pick a date range for the date 30 days out.  AX finds a payment for the FULL invoice amount, and not half like it should.


Does anyone have any ideas on what I should be looking for? 

After many hours of digging, I have concluded that the payment schedule is determined at the initial posting, and I should see more than one row in table VendTransOpen for my invoice.  I see code for selecting a payment schedule in and acting on it if found.  I believe this selects the VendPaymSched table in my case (a vendor payment), but this table is empty. Should this table be populating?

I appreciate any help or pointers you can give no matter how small.

Thanks in advance,



PS here is the section was referencing in  The select always comes back with no data:


    if (custVendInvoiceJour)
        select firstonly custVendPaymSched
            where custVendPaymSched.ExtTableId  == custVendInvoiceJour.TableId  &&
                  custVendPaymSched.ExtRecId    == custVendInvoiceJour.RecId    &&
                  custVendPaymSched.Name        == custVendInvoiceJour.PaymentSched;

    //if there is a schedule and there are any amounts to split
    if (custVendPaymSched && (custVendTrans.AmountCur || custVendTrans.AmountMST))
        paymSchedCalc = PaymSchedCalc::construct(custVendPaymSched, custVendPaymSchedLine);
        if (custVendInvoiceJour)
        paymSchedCalc.createCustVendTransaction(custVendTrans, exchRate);

...  /* insert the one transaction */ ...



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  •  Hi again.

     One of the other forums I posted on has disappeared!  But before it did, someone instructed me to go to into the vendor, functions -> open transactions, then mark a transaction and go into payment reorganization.  This does actually work!  If I apply a payment schedule it splits the payments out correctly.

     However I'm sure our AP will be unsatisfied with these extra steps.  Does anyone have any insight into why they would make this a manual process?  (Or why my system might make it this way?)

     Thanks for looking,


  • Hi Nathan,

    I have the same scenario. Although I tried in PO and the payment schedule is working well when you I post the invoice. However, it's not really working unless you use the Transaction Reorganizing.

    Have you found other solution for this?



  • The payment schedule functionality is intended to use from vendor invoices created directly from purchase orders.

    If you are using an invoice journal, it is standard not working.

    kind regards,

    André Arnaud de Calavon  |  Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution architect  |  My blog  |  My company

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  • To confirm and add to Andre's answer: we had the exact same issue with AX 2009.

    Microsoft confirmed to us this is "working as designed" - the functionality was not enabled on the invoice journal form.

    Zvika Rimalt * Dynamics AX Business Analyst/Functional Consultant * Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • Hi Nathan / Bella

    Can you please share how you have solved this with Invoice journals as I am having the same scenario.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Lakshmikanth,

    As Andre & Zvica have said, the payment schedule does not apply automatically in Invoice journal. You have to use transaction reorganizing.