Convergence Tips for Attending

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W.C. Bradley Co.'s Tips for Attending Convergence: 

  • Before attending Convergence think about all the issues or challenges you may be having with your system and then choose classes that will allow you to possibly gain a solution.
  • Use the Convergence Scheduler - this is a great tool to make sure you take advantage of the classes available. It helps to streamline classes relative to the various topics available as well as makes sure that you don't miss out on any classes pertinent to your area of responsibility. Create a schedule of all the classes that interest you even if there are too many. This will allow you to quickly make a change or if one is full you can easily run to the next one.
  • Take advantage of the Hands On Training Labs - this provides you the opportunity to have a hands on experience with the latest version. Additionally, there are GP personnel nearby to answer any questions you have relative to the application.
  • Attend the discussions held by GPUG along with some of the special interest groups (i.e. manufacturing, financials). My experience from attending these is that there are "real world" discussions held - things that other companies experience that we have come across - and possible solutions are discussed during these sessions. These are more of the "issues" sessions.
  • Aways carry business cards if possible - If you are having trouble with a certain issue in GP then I would recommend that you go to sessions and listen to see if others have the same issue or if they have resolved the same issue. If so, be sure to get their Business Card or Name, Company and email address. Networking is one of the best things Convergence allows you to do and it does not cost a thing. You can usually swap ideas and challenges between each other going forward. Most Convergence attendees are more than happy to help out.
  • Attend the evening social sessions also as these are an excellent way to network and meet other users.
  • Be sure to stroll through the Exhibit/Sponsor Hall. It is amazing the number of ad-hoc solutions that interface with GP. If there an issue that a company is experiencing, more than likely there is a solution waiting for you in the Exhibit hall. It also provides an opportunity for you to talk with those ISV's your company is currently using.
  • Last but not least, bring some comfortable shoes for walking! You will be walking A LOT!

Register now for Convergence and we will see you in Atlanta!

W.C. Bradley Co.


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    This is such a large and dynamic conference that staying focused is the single point of getting the most for your time. It is very important to review the schedule sent out by Microsoft and understand what audience should attend each session. If you are a technical person versus an end user then try to have a champion from your company attend each track separately. One section just deals with financial features so a controller or head accountant should be there. Executive sessions are also a key aspect to understand the roadmap for strategic planning. Use the online forums as well to see what other meetings are taking place in between tracks. Also, bring extra sneakers or comfortable shoes as you will be walking a lot in these cavernous convention centers. It is a great value but your time is the most critical aspect of getting the most out of Convergence.

    Art Johnston



  • All very good points.  Stay focused, network as much as you can and of course be reading to walk alot!