December 2012 Service Update is Here for Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

December 2012 Service Update is Here for Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

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Today we're announcing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online December 2012 Service Update. This new service update comes on the heels of continued success for our business. We continue to drive double-digit revenue growth and we're closing in on our 3 millionth user! Momentum is with us and the December 2012 service update is yet another significant milestone for our business.

The December 2012 Service Update reimagines the way sales and customer service professionals work with CRM. We're moving away from the traditional data-centric lists and forms approach, this service update will add new user experiences that simply and visually guide users through their business processes. We're expanding the range of supported browsers for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to give more flexibility in the devices and platforms you use. Embedded Bing maps have also been added to the new user experience to add location context for Lead, Contact and Account addresses in the system. Rounding out our experiences investments there will be support for Microsoft Office 2013 across Outlook, Word and Excel integration.

We're adding new application capabilities including predefined best practice sales and service business process definitions which are highly configurable and will accelerate time-to-value for organizations. From a social and collaboration standpoint we're adding new connections with Yammer and Skype.

For the developer we've got new cloud extensibility options and a bulk data API to help you work on large datasets in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

The release preview guide for the December 2012 service update which details all the new features and functionality can be downloaded at here. We're also posting our new Statement of Direction which outlines our key investment areas for the next 36 months. I encourage you to read the documents to learn about the fantastic range of new capabilities we're delivering over the short and long term. It is truly an exciting time to be engaging with Microsoft Dynamics CRM!

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team can be followed on Twitter at @MSDynamicsCRM, and by using the hashtag #MSDYNCRM. Also Check out and share our new video and let us know what you think.

Feel free to ask your questions or tell us what your favorite feature is!

David Pennington


  • David well done to you and the entire CRM product team, reading the SOD and watching the Video shows the wait was totally worth it.  Dynamics CRM has a massive future ahead.  Well done!

  • David,

    Thanks for the update. Very slick visuals on the video. Love the vision for touching CRM in a Surface/Tablet and transforming business as a result. Very nice direction to include ALL things Microsoft and make it look easy and fun. With the launch of W8, WP8, Surface, Office 2013 and integration of Skype and Yammer we are going to have a fun 2013.

  • Thank you @Scott we are very excited about the future.

  • Great news David. Can't wait to give it a spin and get my hands dirty on some development.

  • This is fantastic news!  Finally we can help everyone regardless of platform!!!  2013 is going to be a great year!

  • Does anyone  know when Microsoft will release this Service Update for On-Premise?

  • Hi @ISMAIL The December 2012 Service Update is a online release only. There will be an Update Rollup for on premise that will be available in the January time frame (This will include cross browser support as mentioned in the release preview guide).

  • This seems like a major update that requires some validation of form customizations, user training, etc. Are you planning to address these issues before the update? will CRM Online customers have the option to schedule the update so they have time to validate, test, train?

  • @Yaron existing customers will have the option to turn on the new UI. By default the UI will not change for existing customers unless they enable it. There will be training videos in the Resource Center for your admin and users to get up to speed with the new features and UI.

  • Well Done, i'm very happy! :) thanks Microsoft.

  • Thanks David,