Preventing issues with billing admin role, user discrepancy issues and user access issues

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Target audience: CRM Online (Standalone / self-service CTP platform)


We have been seeing some issues recently where customers will contact the CRM Online Billing team with issues associated to the billing administrator role or simple access issues. These issues can vary depending on the issue, however in the majority of cases the issue is related to a change to an existing user information details on their user profile (change of the user name and the primary e-mail address).


*(fig 1: Changing the user information on a user profile)

We strongly recommend that changing user details in this fashion, be avoided as it can cause user sync issues on our internal billing systems. Any difference between the Windows Live ID and the primary e-mail address will be an indicator if user details have been changed in this way. Of course, customers that have one purchased user on their accounts will need to change user details in this way. If however you have more than one purchased user we recommend that you create new users from scratch (settings > Administration > Users > New).

*(fig 2: An example of how changing user information and user access can affect user data on our billing system)


When customers make changes to an existing user, the new user details will not get updated. So for example changing the current billing administrator user details may lead to a deactivation of this. The billing administrator is the role that allows 1 designated user on the account purchase additional users.

Loss of this role usually occurs when the billing admin details are not adjusted with the Billing support team

Using the example of the earlier screenshots, a customer changes the billing admin user details from F C to F C FC@COMPANY.COM. The details are saved and invites are sent and accepted. If at this point a customer fails to contact the Billing support team, the old billing admin details will stay associated to name@company.comeven though this primary user is no longer registered as an active user.

(fig 3: Old billing admin role not reflecting updated user details (which will appear in dropdown)


In the above example the customer would need to have our billing support team perform a billing admin change to correct any misaligned user information.

The billing administrator is not a security role that customers can manage themselves. A user that has the billing administrator role will have the option to purchase additional users or purchase / remove storage on the Subscription Management screen). If there should be any confusion about who has this role access please contact the Billing support.

To prevent the above conflicts we recommend that unwanted users are disabled. Customers that have in active users can create new users by accessing their CRM instance and creating new users by selecting settings > Administration > Users > New and following the prompted user set up steps. Once the new user receives is set up and accepts their user invite, he / she will gain access to CRM Online

If there should be any questions on the above feel free to leave a comment or contact the Billing support team.