I have gotten behind on my Features of the Week, I have two more queued up and they should start rolling again sometime next week.  In the meantime I wanted to point out that an update to CRM 2011 Beta Server has quietly been released.  If you have your Windows Update set to allow Microsoft Updates you should get this automatically, however in my two environments I had to install it manually.  To get the update you have to go here:


From this site you can manually download the update and apply it.


You can read more about the beta Outlook client updates here:


This server update brings with it several improvements including:

  • IE 9 Beta Compatibility Fixes
  • Lots of improvements to the stability and performance of Solutions

With the new updates come new build numbers.  Here is an updated list of build numbers in the wild:

Release Date Build
Beta October 2010 5.0.9585.107 (Online Only)
Beta October 2010 5.0.9585.106 (On-Premise)
Beta September 2010 5.0.9585.101
CTP4 July 2010 5.0.9523.17
CTP1 March 2010 5.0.9388.44
CTP2 October 2009 5.0.9261.0
CTP1 April 2009 5.0.9072.14

Hat tip to Shan McArthur... as this patch had slipped by me. :-)