With minimal changes this year, yeah, the Canadian Payroll Mid-Year Tax update (effective July 1) has released.

Tax changes included for  New Brunswick

This is for GP 2010 and GP 2013
(You know my spiel, 10 customers need to upgrade as we are not providing tax updates nor year end updates for 10, most are upgrading right to GP 2013 to get the full benefit it has to offer and more changes on the horizon :-))

GP 2010 had Canadian Payroll (11.0.2207) and Project (11.00.2206) changes
GP 2013 had only Canadian Payroll (12.0.1428)

This is posted on our service pack pages for each version and the Canadian Payroll tax page

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010
File Name MicrosoftDynamicsGP11-KB2853389-ENU.msp

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013
File Name MicrosoftDynamicsGP12-KB2853391-ENU.msp

There are a couple of Quality Reports fixed for each version, below is information regarding the fix, fairly low impact.

Project Accounting
After you apply latest GP 2010 patch, the Project button from employee maintenance does not work properly, GP 2010 only.

Canadian Payroll fixed in both GP 2010 and GP 2013
With multi-user environment when two users are updating the same record, data was not saving correctly between CPR and HR
In the TD1 window, Employee Pays Income Tax is marked as NO, but with Bonus income only, tax is still calculated

Translated French will release soon to follow.

Hope everyone is having an awesome summer and taking some well-deserved vacation before we roll into (what I think) a busy year end!


Terry Heley