Do you use Resource Capacity Planning? If you use resource functionality for construction business e.g., you usually have many vehicles and machines. Because of that, you need to plan their capacity availability.

We can make resource capacity planning using Resource Capacity page. This is a matrix where you can fill resource capacity for each resource. Also, we can make capacity planning for resource groups using Resource Group Capacity page. In both cases, we can fill sum of capacity for desired period (day, week, month, quarter or year). If we have a lot of resources, this can be tiresome job. Because of that, we have some automatic in the form of Resource Capacity Settings and Work-Hour Templates.

Resource Capacity Settings specifies the capacity for a resource for a period of time. We can define the starting and ending date, the work-hour schedule for each day of the week. After we fill period and capacity for each day of the week, we need to start command Add Capacity.

We can use the Work-Hour Template window to set up templates that contain the typical working hours in our company. For example, we can create templates for full time machine and part time machine. We can use work-hour templates when we add capacity to resources. This is additional help when we must add capacity for hundreds of resources e.g. We can add Work-Hour Template to many resources and only need to start command Add Capacity.

After that we can monitoring Resource Availability using the same name page. The Resource Availability window appears when you choose Planning, Resource Availability from a resource card. The window shows a scrollable summary of resource capacities. The window is divided into lines showing the following: the entire capacity, the quantity allocated to jobs on order, the capacity assigned to jobs on quote, the availability after order and the remaining capacity after all jobs on quote or order.

It looks perfect, but is it really so? Where is a problem?

The problem arises if we do not create resource for each machine. We can group resources using Resource Groups and create Resource for each machine. Why would we do that?

There are a many reasons. Sometimes we need to plan resource cost and we cannot know what exactly resource we will use; if we try to plan with resource group, we have not cost of resource group. If we use resource functionality for many different needs, we have need to group them based of functionality need (e.g. Service Resources, Sales Resources, Project Resources…). In this case we must to use Resource card for group of the same resources.

Again, where are a problem? Problem is when you try to fill planning daily quantity in Resource Capacity Settings or Work-Hour Templates more than 24 hours. If we try that, we will get an error message. I make many of testing and I could not find any reason for that. It is especially strange we can fill more than 24 hours per resource per day in Resource Capacity page, but we cannot in Resource Capacity Settings and Work-Hour Templates.

Because of that, you need to make very small customization to remove these controls:

  • On page or form 6013, on properties for each field with name of the day (Monday, Tuesday…), you need to remove value in MaxValue fields.
  • On table 5954, on properties for each field with name of the day (Monday, Tuesday…), you need to remove value in MaxValue fields.

This is a small help, but it is very useful.