In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 we will get the Incoming Documents feature, which enables us to link incoming documents in electronic form to data entry lines. An approval process can easily be set up around this, so that electronic documents, such as vendor invoices sent as attachments to emails or scanned copies of receipts for out-of-pocket expenses, can be fully managed electronically within Microsoft Dynamics NAV with minimal need for keying in data. This enables a structured and efficient way of working with incoming documents.

Maybe this is not so great functionality, but it is necessary. I kept asking myself, why this functionality does not already exist in NAV. Most of my clients have requested this and we made it on our way. Now I finally met for this to become standard and I'm happy and I think it is a great.

In few words, this functionality enables us to do next:

  • Create a link to a document in Incoming Documents
  • Open the link to the electronic document and approve it
  • Post entries for the approved document
  • Use the link to access the incoming document for a posted entry

This is all for now. Thanks to Microsoft for this. Expect more soon…