Every day, we use many social networks for private or business reasons. Do any of you use Yammer? I try to use, but Yammer is used for private communication within organizations and I have problem because my colleagues mostly do not use it.

But now, we can use Yammer for external needed, outside of our organizations. Few days ago, we get Microsoft Dynamics Managed Partner group.

I saw it and I became a member. I am delighted and I only can say to all, welcome to our new external Yammer group for Microsoft Dynamics managed partners worldwide. If you work in Microsoft Dynamics Partner Company, you can become a member. Yammer is a great tool that gives us the ability to reach you real-time and increase our partner connection.

Everything on Yammer lives in groups. The group is a group where we will interact with Microsoft Dynamics executives and team members.

Also within this network are five other core worldwide groups covering CRM, AX, NAV/GP/SL, Readiness, Marketing & Branding.

So, let’s get the conversation started! Group link is https://www.yammer.com/microsoftdynamicspartnernetworkworldwide/#/Threads/index?type=algo