From first home page of the Small Business role center, we can do the most of operative jobs in one sales company. We can create or modify items, customers or vendors and track some important business performance. We can create Sales Quote, Sales Invoice and Purchase Invoice. Unlike the NAV standard, in SB role center, there is not exist Sales and Purchase Orders, only invoices. Also, there is not exist Purchase Quote, only Sales Quote.

I will create one Sales Invoice for example. When we run New sales invoice, we get pretty different document unlike the NAV standard sales documents. On header, we have only few necessary fields, and below that we have lines for subjects of sales. In footer, unlike NAV standard, we have new part with amounts statistics.

We do not have to choose the customer code, but only customer name from customer list. If we cannot find customer and want to create new one, we can do it by adding customer name in this field and choosing to create.

When we choose to create, we automatic get template for new customer creating and only we need is to add address and city (and eventually price group, credit limit…). After that minimum header requirements, we need to add items in lines. If we do not find our item, we cannot add item as adding customer, but we can create as in NAV standard. When we are choosing item, we get all items (inventory and service type). It is OK, but by default we cannot see difference between these two types and we have to modify this, because this is not practically for operative work. Other is pretty easy, we need to fill only quantity and eventually line discount (and price if we have not price list).

All the time, we can see statistic data in footer:

  • Total Excl. VAT
  • Total VAT
  • Total Incl. VAT

We can add invoice discount in footer, as well. Posting is a standard NAV posting.

If we need additional information, we can run Invoice Details or Ship-to and Bill-to Adress buttons from ribbon and we will get new tabs with these information.

I can say, ‘extremely simple and practical’. Thanks for this easy feature for small companies. With these features, we can teach our clients to work with invoices in half hour.

One more feature in all pages and fields for SB role, when you position your cursor on field caption, you will get small fast help for this field. You can add or change this ‘help’ on every field, on field properties on page, using description in ToolTip property field: