As you see, my last post became a boring. All functionalities I describe are the standard NAV functionalities. They only carefully divided by menu part. Because of that, I’ll explain all remaining functionalities in this post and I’ll put the point on this theme.

Bank & Payments

In this menu part, you can find all standard NAV pages:

  • Bank Accounts
  • Bank Acc. Reconciliations
  • Bank Acc. Statements
  • General Journals
  • Payment Journals
  • Cash Receipt Journals
  • Currencies
  • Direct Debit Collections

You can find that Bank Acc. Reconciliations and Direct Debit Collections have new features. Bank Acc. Reconciliations got new features, but Direct Debit Collections is completely new feature. These are the part of new Cash Management features, but this is nothing special for SB role. You can find lot of texts about Cash Management. Although all other features are standard, they are carefully placed as you can use them as you can expect.

VAT Reporting

In this menu part, you can also find standard NAV pages, but also few ‘mini’:

  • VAT Statements
  • Instrastat Journals
  • Posted Sales Invoice
  • Posted Sales Credit Memos
  • Posted Purchase Invoices

First two pages are the standard NAV pages, and the last three are the ‘mini’ pages. But, I described these pages on first posts (invoices and credit-memos). You can find some new fields on Invoice lists (Paid, Canceled, Remaining Amount…), but nothing important.

The end

I hope so I help all of you who want to use this Small Business Role Center in your business or in implementation process as partners. I think, this is an excellent idea from Microsoft and we can expect more very small companies in Microsoft Dynamics world.

My company was try in last few years to prepare something similar. We prepare small solution named ‘NAV Express’. This was completely predefines NAV BRL BE license with some local add-ons (payroll…). I think, this SB role can make new benefits in this try. I plan, we will little customize this role and try to offer this to our market.