How to setup Customer Insights if you purchased through volume licensing


Steps 1 through 5 are applicable for customers who are new to Microsoft online services and whose Public Customer Number (PCN) is NOT associated with a tenant.

However, if your PCN is already associated with a tenant because you are an existing Microsoft online services customer, then the Customer Insights services will be provisioned in your tenant automatically during activation. When this happens, Step 5 will be applicable to you and the service-ready email for your tenant is sent to the contact Office 365 tenant administrator.

Step 1

Once the volume licensing production order is placed, you should receive a notification of the purchase and an email to provision the service.


Make sure you select the right options to create a new tenant or use an existing one. If you have associated your licenses with the wrong tenant, the customer is going to need to open a case with the Billing Support team and ask to have their agreement remapped from the tenant to the tenant.

The customer will be asked to provide the following details:

• Subscription details for the tenant

• Public Customer Number (PCN)

• Enrollment Number

• All subscriptions being provisioned on the new tenant: <Subscription details>

• Incorrect/Current Tenant Domain: <* domain the subscriptions are currently provisioned on. If the customer does not know the current tenant, please explain why this is.>

• Correct/Destination Tenant Domain: <* domain the customer wants the subscriptions provisioned on.>

• Detailed explanation of why the customer needs their VL subscriptions migrated to a different tenant

• Does the customer intend to continue using the tenant currently associated with their subscriptions?

• Is the request caused by customer confusion in the sign-up process? If this is the case, please specify. (For example, the email is confusing because…)

Because of customer privacy concerns, we need to have this request come from the customer.

Step 2a

If you decide to sign in, you can sign in with the correct Office 365 admin account to activate the service.


Step 2b

If you chose to sign up, you will be asked to fill in a form as shown below, and a new tenant will be created for you.

Step 3

You will also receive a confirmation email similar to the one below after signup.

Step 4

To make sure you have successfully signed up for the service, sign in to your Office 365 admin portal with the tenant admin credentials. Under services you will see an active subscription for Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Once you confirm this, you are ready to proceed with the environment setup.


Step 5a

Make sure you complete the previous step before you click here to start setting up your Customer Insights environment. Note that you need to be a global admin of your tenant to provision your production and sandbox environment.


Step 5b

Once you press Continue, you are presented with the option to create your environment. Here you can specify a display name for the environment, choose the region in which you want the environment to be provisioned, and choose the environment type. Customer Insights allows you to create either a production environment or a sandbox environment.

Step 5c

Environment creation typically takes < 1 minute.

Step 5d

Once the environment is created for you, you will be presented with the home page as show below.


Step 5e  

Select Settings and then Environments to manage the environment you created or create a new production environment.

Step 5f  

In this screen, you can either set a default environment or create more environments.

Step 5g  

If you chose to create a new environment, you are presented with the option to do the same.

Step 5h  

Once you create the environments, you can start inviting additional users to the environment from the permissions section to collaborate with you to manage the environment.

Step 5i  

Select Add users to add others to the environment.


Now you are ready to configure your Customer Insights environments. Follow the documentation found here to assist you with the process.