I wrote a couple of years ago about my experience with taking exams at home aka Online Proctored Exams

I have taken over 10 exams at home and was comfortable and familiar with the process but when I took at exam last night I discovered a whole new experience.

First the PVProctor program no longer worked and I needed to download a new OnVue tool.

The check-on process is now self-service that you complete using your mobile phone on https://m.proctorcam.com/

You need to take a photo of your face, a photo of your id and then 4 photos of your desk area. No more showing the proctor around using your webcam.

The check-in process using AI to determine if there are any issues and although it felt like it took longer taking and uploading the photos, it was actually quicker, just a little stressful the first file

If all goes well you don’t need to speak to the proctor before starting the exam.

More details of the new check-in process at https://home.pearsonvue.com/Test-Owner/Deliver/Online-Proctored.aspx