Starting with Platform update 32, Finance and Operations AOS (Kernel) will uptake Visual C ++ 17 runtime libraries to take advantage of compiler performance optimization described in this blog post.

This will require that existing environments be updated to use the VC++ 17 redistributable.

  • For Microsoft-managed Standard Acceptance Test Sandbox and higher (Tier 2 and higher) and Production environments, VC++ 17 redistributable are already installed and no action is needed.
  • For Microsoft-managed DEV environment (Tier 1) customers, partners, and ISV’s will need to reboot their virtual machines before applying Platform update 32.
  • For non-managed Dev, Build, Test, Demo (Tier 1)  and on-premises environments customers, partners, and ISV’s will need to download and install VC++ 17 redistributable from the shared asset library in Lifecycle Services and reboot their machines.

If you have the latest redistributable already installed, then no action is needed.

If you apply Platform update 32 and redistributable are missing, you might get an error when starting your services. If needed, refer to the following instructions to resolve this issue.

Be sure to review what’s installed in Program and features to understand what it installed on your machine.

To install the redistributable:

  1. Go to Lifecycle Services.
  2. Select Shared asset library.
  3. Select Model from the asset type list.
  4. Select VC++ 17 Redistributable.
  5. The download will auto start.
  6. Apply on your machine and reboot.