Use the following instructions to report a Guides problem through the Feedback Hub. This procedure allows you to submit screenshots and extra telemetry that will help us investigate the problem. 

1. Start the Feedback Hub app. If you uninstalled it previously, you can re-download from the Windows Store.

2. Tap Report a problem

3. Describe in more detail and then tap Next. Tip: please write Dynamics 365 Guides in the summary to help get the issue routed to our team more quickly. 

4. Select Apps and Dynamics 365 Guides as the problem category. If you don't see Guides, it may not be installed on your computer. Be sure submit feedback on the same computer where Guides is installed.

5. You will be prompted to find similar feedback. Take a quick look at the list (and select one if you see the same issue) but otherwise select the first option for New feedback.

6. Next, you will be prompted to select the severity and a general description of the problem. Select the options you feel are applicable.

7. Next, attach any screenshots and/or 3D models (if permitted by your company policies).

8. Create a recording while reproducing the problem. This will attach telemetry data to your feedback and will make it easier for our engineers to diagnose the problem. Your data is protected under the Microsoft Privacy Statement but avoid sharing information that might get you in trouble with your company policy. 

8. Tap the Start recording option and reproduce the problem. Keep Feedback Hub open and return to the screen when finished.

9. Once you finish the recording, you will have the option of deleting the logs and trying again.

Tap the submit button. The logs will be uploaded and routed to our team.