The Finance and Operations Performance Review is an important Dynamics 365 offering, as it provides you with proactive support as well as a chance to gain insight and understanding of your deployment’s health and performance. Read on to find more information, links to Datasheets, expert answers from Sr D365 F&O PFE, Rod Hansen to common questions.   


Megan Lenling: What is a Performance Review and what are some of its key functions?  

Rod Hansen: Simply put, the sole purpose of the Performance Review is to focus on performance-related issues. With this service, we "help you to find issues in configurations, customer code, and database tuning", and make recommendations to improve performance. It’s also one of our top-selling services in the performance category.  


ML: What are some of the most common performance-related issues you run into?  

RH: The common performance-related issues I run into can be summarized into three main categories.   

  • Application Configuration  
    • Optimization   
  • Customizations/ Custom Code  
    • Plugins  
    • JavaScript  
    • OnLoad/ OnSave Events  
  • Database Tuning   
    • Optimization  
    • Configuration   


Some frequent question areas I get asked about include: 

  • F&O forms load slow  
  • Processes taking a long time to run and complete 
  • Seeing database blocking in processes 


ML: At what stages of an implementation/project is it most important to focus on performance?  

RH: It’s common to find that customers wait too long to focus on performance, or that they place related issues on the back burner. Ideally, you want to always be thinking about performance. The best time to implement this service is "before the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in Sandbox." This is because it will be “the last opportunity to refine your system before it goes live." During this time, it’s best to make any changes or updates to your code. If you were to wait any longer, "the Go Live process will not go well." 


ML: What benefits can a customer expect to gain from the Performance Review?  

RH: There are many benefits that consumers can expect to receive from implementing the Performance Review service. Just to list off a few... “improvements in the user interface and how others interact with your service/product.” In addition to “insights as to where challenges in your processes are, and even more so, a road-map to addressing those issues.” Lastly, “we take the technical terms and make them easy to consume for customers", thus they can take away best practices and apply them to their current situation.   


ML: Are there certain things that all cloud-based customers should be doing to improve performance?  

RH: “Testing, testing, testing.” As a cloud-based customer, the number one and most important thing to do is make sure you are conducting performance tuning pre-production. This is important to do before you get too far into other processes. “You need to conduct testing on what will be the production database in Sandbox. Also, make sure that the Sandbox data is similar to what production will be.” Lastly, testing with a real-life dataset prior to Go Live will give you more representative results. You can’t test on a practice database and expect it to work seamlessly on your actual data when going live.  


I hope you found this information helpful and educational. If you are a customer or prospect customer interested in either of these services, a Premier of Unified Support contract is necessary to purchase these services. If you have a contract already in place, discuss your interest with your Technical Account Manager. If you don't have a Premier or Unified Support contract in place, feel free to reach out to the following group to further discuss your interest:  

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