As of last month, any newly deployed Tier-2 or above environments in LCS no longer have administrator credentials available but you can still RDP into these servers as regular users. This was a first step towards Remote Desktop (RDP) being removed in Tier-2 and above environments later this year. I have been notifying my Designated Support Engineering (DSE) customers to ensure they are aware of these upcoming changes but also recommending they review how they are using any RDP access in these environments and to plan accordingly.

Since processes like deployments and database refreshes have been fully automated through an LCS self-service operation, this shouldn’t have any disruption to you as you are likely already using these great tools in the cloud solution. It is definitely a leap forward for those of you who remember the legacy on-premise AX days!

This removal of RDP change will go into General Availability in September 2020 per the documentation. Special thanks to Chuck Anderson on my team for pointing me to this link.

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* Designated Support Engineers are Premier Field Engineers that work closely with customers who have purchased hours to be used towards Proactive or Reactive Support. Click here for one of our blogs to learn more about the role of a Premier Field Engineer or here for a listing of some of the services we provide!