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My idea to give something to the community: the CCA License!

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If you follow tech news you may have read something about "xz Utils" (you can find an article about it here).

I don't have a solution to this kind of problems and my support goes to Lasse Collin, the creator and my maintainer of xz Utils.

How an Open Source software is licensed plays an important role and made me think:

what can I add to the MIT License (the license I normally use) something to recognize the community around what I am releasing?

This is the idea behind the CCA License (link:

CCA stands for Community Contributor Awareness, practically is a MIT License with the addition of a donation clause.

With the next releases of some of my tools I will start to use the CCA license, with this donation clause:

XrmToolBox or any of the Open Source tools in its library, any time, no minimum amount required or you are a code contributor of an Open Source software related to XrmToolBox.

What does it means?

It means that in order to use my software and be complaint with its license, the end user must have donated to XrmToolBox or any of the Open Source tools in its library, I don't care if you donated in 2018 or in 2024 (for me the important is that you donated), I don't care how much you donated (we live in different parts of the world), also you can use my software if you created an Open Source tool for XrmToolBox.

The GitHub repository of the CCA License has some examples of donation clauses.

XrmToolBox is an important software for anyone working with the Power Platform and it's free. I use it everyday, what I am doing with this new license is to help with this project and the ecosystem around it.

I am well aware this license will not change the world but I hope it can help a little some projects that are essential to this community.

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