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JAL Variable naming new feature and feature reminder

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About extension JAL Variable Naming - Visual Studio Marketplace
In this post I want to tell what the value and use of my naming extension is, in current extension ecosystem, where there are other naming and variable editing extensions in Marketplace.
Most of my extensions are focused to help convert old C/SIDE projects to extensions. For this purpose, the main naming feature in my extension is selection renaming:

New rename duplicate feature
In old C/SIDE converted files, is useful to select all file text and convert once all variable with rename selection. Here we have an old Nav 2.60 code, and remember in these days we develop with our native language, in my case, Spanish:

The new feature for selection renaming is detect duplicate variable subtypes in scope and rename them this way, from:
        LinVta: Record "Sales Line";
        LinVta2: Record "Sales Line";
        Multiple_SalesLine_Old_LinVta: Record "Sales Line";
        Multiple_SalesLine_Old_LinVta2: Record "Sales Line";
This behavior must be configurated in the setting:

Later, we can detect them easily in the file, and give them a definitive name.

Other old naming feature

For old native language code conversion too, we have the setting Chars From and Chars To:

So, if we have this old native language table:
table 69001 "Mov. posición detallado"
When we rename an instance of it, we can see how chars with accents will be replace by chars without accents, and the first letter of every word become capital despite was lowercase in the object name:
MovPosicionDetallado: Record "Mov. posición detallado";


My extension best performance is processing old code and bulk renaming of all file variables, with command and context menu rename selection, with the added value of local chars conversion.

Extra bonus: reminder

Did you try completion item Tincludeparameters?

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