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Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 - Payroll Posting Accounts Setup Enhancements

Hello -

A new navigation list was added in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 that enhances a user’s ability to view, sort, search, set up, and edit their Payroll Posting Accounts.  This new Payroll Posting Accounts navigation list is a great new way to manage your Payroll Posting Accounts and allows for users to import and export their Payroll Posting Accounts setup.   For example, a user can export their setup, make changes in Excel, and then import those changes back into the system.

Select the HR & Payroll Module. In the Navigation Pane to the left, select ‘Payroll Posting Accounts’.

Your Payroll Posting Account information will now be displayed in a manner that can be filtered and searched on.


To add a filter, you can click the green plus sign next to ‘Add Filter’

This will allow for you to filter your accounts on items such as:

  • Payroll Account Type

  • Department

  • Position

  • Payroll Code

  • Account Number

  • Description

Clicking the ‘Account’ button on the ‘New’ section of the Ribbon allows for you to enter a new account.


On the Ribbon, under ‘Actions’ there is an ‘Excel’ button with a drop down list to import or export.
This will export all your posting accounts, allowing you to add/ make changes and import back in.
If you have a lot of posting accounts, export your current structure and use it as a "template".  Then you do not need to continually export accounts, just make changes to your Excel template and import back in.  The checkbox mark options are not used with the import/export functionality in the navigation list.


When importing back into the system, the Excel file will be scanned for errors and a report will be generated notifying you if there are errors that need to be resolved such as an account that does not exists in your setup.

If you receive this error during the import of your payroll posting accounts:

The import file format does not match the format of the import template.  Be sure the column headings in the file match the column headings in the import template

This could happen if you switched from Company A to Company B without logging out of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Log out completely of the company and log into the other company and then try to import it should work correctly.  This will be reviewed for a future release.

The maximum number of records which can be imported from Excel is 32765.  

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Thank you!
Isaac Olson | SR Support Engineer | Microsoft Dynamics GP



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