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DeveloperDocumentation field on tables

Hi all!

Tables contain many properties, one of which is the DeveloperDocumentation field. This field describes the purpose of the table, most of the time in the following format: “The [name of table] table contains [what the table contains]“.

When you don’t specify the developer documentation by creating a label, you will get the following best practice error:

Mandatory property DeveloperDocumentation not specified.

When you do create a label, you will get the following best practice warning:

DeveloperDocumentation label should not be marked to be translated.

Wait what?
The solution is to add {locked} in the description of the label using the label editor.
The developer documentation is aimed at developers and should not be translated, so create the label using the same value as the en-us label in all languages.

– This blog post is mostly a reminder to myself, I tend to forget this :)


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