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Unified Development Experience for Finance and Operations | May 30, 2024

In the latest FastTrack TechTalk, our team explains how the unified developer experience consolidates the disparate developer tools and environments across finance and operations apps and Power Platform to reduce friction and simplify working across these apps.

Join your hosts, Peter Villadsen, Suresh Kopalle, and Saurabh Kuchhal for an insightful and interesting look at how this can make a difference for you and your Dynamics 365 experience.
00:00 Intro
00:50 Series Agenda
01:36 Agenda
02:19 Objectives
02:32 What problems is UDE solving?
05:18 Reducing developer friction between F&O and CE apps
06:59 Unified Development Experience Benefits
09:04 Unified Development Experience
11:11 Unified Developer Environment Provisioning
12:49 Demo – Create Unified Dev Environment via Powershell
15:29 Install Developer Tools
15:48 Dev workstation – Prerequisites
17:10 Install/Setup Dev tools
17:59 Demo - Install/Setup Dev tools
23:36 Write, Deploy, and Debug X++
23:55 Demo - Write, Deploy, and Debug X++ 
32:53 Demo - Create, Update, Deploy, Delete and Debug in Dataverse
36:58 SQL Access Trace Parser
37:21 SQL Access – F&O
38:33 SQL Access – Dataverse
39:04 Trace Parser
39:55 F&O Copilots Extension
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