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Dynamics GP Email Troubleshooting Guide

Hello Everyone! 

I know it has been a rough few months, but I wanted to take some time today and alleviate possible pain points when it comes to Microsoft Dynamics GP; How do you troubleshoot GP Emailing?

To help everyone with this process I’ve created the Dynamics GP Email Troubleshooting Guide. This document is meant to walk through most of the errors you may run into when emailing out of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  

The goal is to make everyone an emailing expert!  

This document can be leveraged with all email functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP, from the old Standard Report Writer Statement emailing method, to Word Templates, I even have a section on Workflow Notifications!  

Currently TLS 1.0 and Basic Authentication (no MFA) are required for Exchange and Workflow emailing within Microsoft Dynamics GP. We are aware of the changes that are coming to the supportability of TLS 1.0 and Basic Authentication within our other Microsoft applications.  TLS 1.2 and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) functionality was included in the 18.3 update released here:

Please feel free to comment or reach out should you have any feedback to offer.

Happy emailing!


Justin Sutton
Microsoft Email Expert


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  • Elizabeth Hodge Profile Picture Elizabeth Hodge 160
    Posted at
    Thank you, the Troubleshooting Guide gave the answer I needed, although it was buried in there pretty well. I'm a GP consultant, not a networking person, so a lot of this stuff is just not anything I deal with (Exchange, TLS, MFA). I want to put this here for anyone else having the same trouble I had: As of 10/17/2022, we were suddenly unable to use the very "simple" method of pressing the "Send To" button at the top of a screen output to email a report. We made the MFA change of adding the App ID in the Company Email Setup window, but kept getting "failed to send email". Finally the troubleshooting guide mentioned that the "SEND TO" WILL NO LONGER WORK because it doesn't use MFA. Instead, you have to use the "Email" button at the top of the report option, along with the "E-mail Options" button at the bottom of the report option window. This is a different procedure and it precludes the ability to easily email an Inquiry that is sent to screen output.
  • Community Member Profile Picture Community Member UG Leader
    Posted at
    Hi Justin, I know this post is old, but can you publish this document somewhere that doesn't require a GP login? This may be very helpful troubleshooting an existing issue for us. Thank you.